Pizza Roses

Hey Guys,
 Mothers Day is right around the corner and IDK about you but what I usually like to get is flowers and to not have to cook and clean. Moms just want the day off, (amiright!) we want to put our feet up and be pampered a little. If your family is anything like mine then it feels like your constantly cleaning up after a frat party (and I wasn't even invited). So if you know a mom that likes food and flowers, then I have the perfect recipe for you! To all the men out there, you tell your mom and/or wife to sit back, relax and you'll handle dinner. 😘

 OMG! Pizza Roses🌹! Food and flowers in one. I love the food universe for making this a thing.


Pizza Dough (I just used store bought)
Marinara Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese
Italian Seasoning 

*Optional- Basil leaves to garnish 


 Step 1- Roll out the pizza dough into stripes. Try to aim for 8 inches long and 1.5 - 2 inched wide. Try to get the dough thin. 

 Next lay out your dough strip and add some sauce, you don't need much.

 Sprinkle on some cheese.

 Add the pepperoni starting at one end and over lapping the slices. This will be the petals of the rose. Place the pepperoni half way down the dough so half the pepperoni is hanging off the top.

 Fold the bottom half of the dough up over the pepperoni, kind of like tucking them in to bed.

 Starting at one end roll the pepperoni up like a newspaper and place into a cupcake try. 

 Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

 Garnish with some fresh basil leaves to really make them look like flowers and serve with a side of extra marinara sauce to dip in. How freaking cute are those! If my husband brought me a plate of those for Mothers Day I would be super impressed. Its a flower that smells like Pizza, best bouquet ever. Let me know if you give this to any special mom this Mothers Day. See ya soon.

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