Mud Pie Dessert

 Hi everyone and welcome back to my food universe. Also Happy Holidays since it is that time of year again and I have a yummy dessert recipe for you. Mississippi Mud Pie! (no, not the stuff your kid makes you every summer) This is a creamy, layered pudding dessert and also my husbands favorite
dessert for Christmas.  

Look at the layers^  😍
  Not only is this a very easy recipe to make but its very easy to personalize. You can use any flavor of cookie for the crust and whatever pudding you like. In this neck of the woods (North Dakota)  everyone I know calls this a refrigerator dessert but being from the south myself my mom called it a mud pie. (Love ya mom💜)

 1 package chocolate sandwich cookies
 1/2 cup melted butter
 1 (8oz)box cream cheese at room temperature
 1 cup sugar
 2 cool whip  (or 1 large) 
 2 box chocolate pudding (or 1 large)

 Crush the cookies in a food processor (or a plastic bag with a rolling pin to scare the neighbors). 
Once crushed dump them into a 9x13 pan and mix with the melted butter. Press the mixture into the bottom of the pan to form your crust and pop it into the fridge to firm up.

 While it chills make the first layer. In a mixer cream together your room temperature cream cheese and sugar. 

 When well mixed add in half of the cool whip. 

Then spread over crust and put back in fridge while making next layer.
Mix your pudding according to the box directions. If using a cook and serve pudding, make sure to cool the pudding before adding it on top of the cream cheese layer.

Last, top the dessert with the remaining cool whip and you can decorate with any left over cookie crumbs.
 Just be sure to keep refrigerated until serving. Trust me, its yummy (unless you're lactose intolerant, then you're screwed) If you wanted you should be able to make this recipe with soy cream cheese and lactose free milk no problem. If you make it let me know! see ya later!😄


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