5 Last Minute Gifts For Foodies

Happy Holidays! 
 Christmas is officially on Monday and If you're like me then you still have some last minute shopping to do πŸ˜–. I usually start my shopping around end of October to beginning of November but due to my move I put it off this year. So I wanted to help all the other slackers out there with some last minute gift ideas. These ideas are great if you have a friend or family member who loves food or cooking. Lets get to the list ➡

#1- Specialty Food Stores.
 Look for a store in your area that specializes in a certain food. Maybe this is a wine or cheese store, maybe its a ethnic market or a olive oil store. Either way getting a special item will sure to please.

If you're in my neck of the woods try the The Olive Barrel in Grand Forks, North Dakota. This is a awesome store where you can try flavored oils or vinegar. Plus it has special seasonings, flavored pasta, jams, salts, and more. I made it a point to buy my moms gift here 🌝.

#2- Cool Kitchen Gadgets. 
 Go to your local Walmart, Target, or Bed Bath & Beyond and look for kitchen gadgets. They're no ends to the kinds of things you can find, like a utensil holder with a Bluetooth speaker, a refillable Olive Oil Sprayer. Whatever you pick they are always fun gifts.

 #3- Food Gift Certificates. 
  This is a easy one. If you know their favorite restaurant or a new place they want to try, then get them a gift certificate. Last year my awesome in-laws got me a gift certificate to a deli store in Grand Forks, ND called L&M Meats.
It was great! My hubby and I went and stocked up.

 Not only are these good gifts but they can also be a great way to spend time together (you bought the gift card, might as well help them use it lol).

#4- Cooking Class/Wine Tasting.
 Look around for fun cooking classes or wine tasting. You can find things like coffee tastings, wine tastings or look for a local brewery to try some beer.

#5- Food Subscription Box.
 This is my personal favorite. So you might not have the physical box for them to open on Christmas but you are guaranteeing them a gift every month for the next year. How awesome is that! Plus there is to end to the kind of subscription boxes out there.

Try The World

 Hello Fresh

 Candy Club

 Just to name a few. Just google "food subscription boxes" and you'll get plenty of variety to choose from.

I hope this helped you with some last minute shopping and I hope everyone has happy holidays and a happy new year😘.
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