Pork Fajitas & Chili Lime Corn

Hey guys!
 The 4th of July is upon us and that means grilling, drinking and hanging out with friends. There's nothing more American than eating meat๐Ÿ– and possible losing an eye while playing with fireworks lol and I have a tasty recipe that can be done either out on the grill or indoors. 

 I was fishing around in my freezer looking for dinner ideas and i found some frozen pork chops left from my moms visit. So instead of boring, plain pork chops I wanted something spicy and texmex-ish (←totally a word). While I did make this indoors I thought it would be awesome cooked on a grill too. Here's how to make it.


Pork Chops
1 Red Bell Pepper (or any color)
1 Onion 
Flour Tortillas 
Fajita fixings of choice (sour cream, salsa, avocados, whatever you like)


1/2 cup Lime Juice
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1 Packet Fajita Seasoning
2 tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
1 teaspoon Salt
1/2 teaspoon Pepper
1 tablespoon Honey

Chili Lime Corn-  

Corn (2 cans or 4 on the cob)
2 tablespoon Butter (melted)
2 teaspoon Chili Powder
2 Tablespoon Lime Juice
1 teaspoon Salt
1/2 teaspoon Pepper
1 tablespoon Honey


First step is to combine the ingredients for the marinade. I just added it all to a zip lock bag and threw in the pork. Then let it sit in the fridge for 4 hours (could also let sit overnight). 
Next heat up your grill or a good sized cast iron skillet and cook off your pork chops. Then sit them off to the side to rest. 

Now slice up your peppers and onion. 

I usually cook my veggies in the same pan I cooked the meat so all that good flavor from the marinade transfer to my veggies (plus who wants to dirty another pan).

Once the veggies are cooked then slice up the meat and sit to the side. Then get your corn ready for the chili lime corn. If making indoors drain 2 cans of corn and add to a pan with the butter, chili powder, lime juice, salt, pepper and honey. Let cook till corn is hot and delicious. 

Or if making grilled corn on the cob then mix together the ingredients and melt in the microwave. Throw your husked corn on the grill and brush with the butter mixture. Eat as is or cut the corn off.

You can either eat the corn on the side or throw it on the fajita like I do ๐Ÿ˜. Its good either way. 

Tip: You can also place all your fajita toppings in a cupcake tray to save on dishes and make a fun assembly station. Fill it with sour cream, salsa, avocados, hot sauce and whatever your heart desires๐Ÿ’“.

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