5 Money Saving Kitchen Gadgets

Hey cheapskates!
 If you're at all like me then you hate spending a lot of money on.....anything. It literally hurts me to spend big money on something potentially stupid. I won't lie, I have totally bought kitchen gadgets that ended up either breaking or not working at all. So this is my Top 5 kitchen gadgets that could possible save you money. 

#1-  Silicone Baking Mat

 These are a life saver. If you do any baking, candy making or cook at all these are great. Not only are they non-stick but you can cook anything on it. I've used mine for cookies, fried chicken and even melted gummy worms on it. Depending on the size these range anywhere between 5.00-20.00 dollars. I know your thinking, (but I can just buy parchment paper) but the key here is its reusable. Buy it once and never again having to buy parchment paper that you just throw away. 

#2- Keurig Coffee Machine

 I love coffee, you love coffee, coffee is life. Some of us can't even function with out it. Plus the coffee flavors they make now is mind blowing (I can't even handle the amount of flavors) and I love single serve coffee machines like the Keurig coffee machine. BUT! Have you seen how much those machines cost?! Just a quick google search shows machines between 69.00-281.00 dollars 😖! I know what your thinking (she said 69 😜 lol) but FOCUS. Did you know you can get this machine which is a french press style coffee machine for k pods for only 20.00 dollars? OMG its way cheaper plus with a refillable filter cup you can use it any where with any coffee even at camp grounds with no electricity. 

#3-  2 in 1 Multitaskers 

 Another great way to save money is to buy multitasking tools. Why buy 2 separate tools when you can buy 1 that does both. For example, I hate that I had to have a separate set of measuring cups and spoons. They take up space and its just stupid so when I found these dual measuring cups and spoons I was pretty happy (plus mine have magnets to stick to the fridge, GENIUS!). So save your money and buy 1 set of tools that can do more.

#4-Cast Iron Skillet

  These pans are a great way to save money! How? Because of the life span of these things. If well cared for this type of pan can last your whole life and then some. I'm taking, through the zombie apocalypse and far in to the future when alien archeologists come to earth to explore the remains of mankind. Not only can they last forever but they are a multitasking tool. You can cook in it, fry, bake, cook over a campfire/grill with it plus use it as a hammer, door stop, self defense weapon and husband correctional tool. As price goes I've seen these for 10.00-50.00 dollars in stores but you can also hit up your local flee market or yard sales and get these for dirt cheap. WORTH IT!

 #5-Cooking Spray

 Another great way to save money is to stop buying cooking spray. Instead of aerosol cans that are bad for the environment and a waste of money make your own. You can get these cheap spray bottles for less than a dollar and fill them with your own oil. Use olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil and all the cool flavored oils out there. Sometimes I've seen a can of cooking spray cost as much as a bottle of oil which is crazy. So be smart and make your own.

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