Rainbow Sprinkles

Hello rainbow lovers of the world!
 Today I have a fun and easy project. Homemade rainbow sprinkles! I know half of you are like "YESSSS, Frickin Rainbow!!!🌈" and the other half are like "why should I care?". I know this isn't some super awesome impressive recipe but its fun, cheap and a great project for kids. Plus, since you control the colors you can make any color to match any birthday party, wedding or baby shower because sometimes you need that perfect shade of magenta or chartreuse.


2 cup Powdered Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla
2 Egg Whites
Food Coloring

Special Tools-

Parchment paper
Zip lock Bags


Mix together all ingredients except food coloring. Separate into bowls, as many bowls as colors that you want.

Stir in colors. I did about 4-5 drops per color.

 Pour into zip lock bags.

Cut a very small corner off the bags so you can pipe it onto parchment paper. 

You can either pipe lines for thinner sprinkles or let it drip for dots. I definitely preferred the dots. This was way easier for my 4 year old to do. 

The last step is to let your sprinkles dry. This can take anywhere from a few hours to all day depending on the size and thickness of the sprinkles.  The thinner lines were dry within a few hours and some of the bigger dots I let sit out over night. Then I just crumpled the parchment paper to separate the sprinkles from the paper and put them in to a seal-able container.

I loved the dots because you can get some cool looking dots. 😍

That's it! So easy to make and we put these on ice cream sundaes and frosted brownies. Yummy. If you have a kids birthday party coming up it would be so fun to make these with your kids then sprinkle them on their birthday cake. So cute! I hope you try this random and colorful recipe and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Subscribe to my YouTube. See ya soon. πŸ˜‹