Try The World- Countries Review

Hi Guys,
 Today I'm doing something a little different. As you know, in the food universe exists a great many wonderful and delicious foods. The whole point to Megans Food Universe is to explore tasty and fun foods. Whether they be a dish from another country or a random internet creation and there is no better way to do this than subscription boxes. 
 I love subscription boxes! They are so much fun and the prices are usually pretty reasonable. I have personally subscribed to ones like Loot Crate and  Skoshbox both of which are in the 20ish dollar range. Its like a fun monthly surprise in your mail. 
 Today, however we are going to talk about Try The World-Countries.
In this review I'm going to try to cover, what is Try The World, how does it work, what you get, prices, and my overall opinion. I also want to make you aware that this is not sponsored by Try The World and this is not my own subscription. This is my moms subscription who is visiting me in North Dakota right now. She brought some of her boxes with her for me to see and try. I have been on the fence about whether to subscribe myself and see if the price is worth it. Lets get in it!

1) What is Try The World-Countries?
 According to their website they say "We believe that life is worth celebrating. A new taste, a new city, a new culture - every new discovery enriches our lives. By making it easy to discover products made by artisans around the world, we hope to bring the people of the world closer." So for a monthly fee you get a box of products sourced from a specific country with traditional and artisanal made foods. 

2) How does it work?
 Try The World has 3 different subscription boxes, Countries, Snacks and Pantry. This one we are trying is the Countries box. New subscribers will get to chose from 3 different countries where to start. Then you pick a payment plan that is either monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. 

3) What you get
 Every month in the Countries Try The World box you receive a different themed box based on a certain country. In the box will be food, snacks and a paper describing your country with a list of all your foods. 

 I really love the card, this box is the Sweden box and the paper lists where in Sweden these foods come from and how the local people enjoy them. Very cool.
On the back side it tells you how to use your box.

 It has recipes that tell you how to use the ingredients from your box. This box has listed how to make Salmon & Dill Toast, Swedish Dumplings, Summer Drinks, Ham & Cheese Toast and ways to eat the sweet treats in the box. Be aware that if you want to make these foods you will have to do some additional grocery shopping because not everything you need to make these recipes will come in the box.

 Here is what came in the Sweden box. Ground coffee, nordic fudge, sweet licorice, elderflower saft syrup, sweet and hot honey mustard, lingon berry jam, flatbread crisps and double chocolate crisps. 

4) Prices.
 For the Countries Try The World Box the prices are listed as 39$ per month. However if you sign up for a 3,6 or 12 month subscription the per month price changes. For 3 months 35$ per month, for 6 months 33$ per month and 12 months 29$ per month. So the longer you subscribe, the cheaper per month.

 5) Opinion.
 Surprisingly I am very torn about whether I would subscribe myself to Try The World. I love the idea of trying foods from other countries. It would be so much fun to get a random country every month and possibly fall in love with a food I didn't know I needed. This would be awesome to do as a dinner party or with a group of friends. I like the information you get and the recipes to try. However, 30 something dollars for snacks, condiments and reading material just isn't sitting well with me. I'm paying 30ish dollars for the box then have to go pay more on groceries to make the recipes. We're looking at 35-50 dollars a month to enjoy this box. I don't know if I'm down with that. 
 Personally I would get the Snacks subscription by Try The World. Every month you get 6 snacks from different countries for less than 20 dollars a month. You get to explore the world, eat yummy snacks and not kill your checkbook.

 I hope this review is helpful and gives you a little more info about what your jumping into. Let me know if you would like more reviews like this and I'll see ya soon.