Water Color Cookies

Hey guys!
  Its almost Easter so I wanted to share with you this cookie decorating hack. If you celebrate this holiday then I'm sure you've seen decorated egg shaped cookies. They are always super cute but can be time consuming to decorate yourself. Recently I saw on Instagram a dipped marbled cookie that looked so cool and I was dying to try for Easter cookies. 


Royal Icing (I just had a bottle of store bought)
Liquid Food Color
Lemon Juice
Sugar Cookies- For the cookies I used a sugar cookie recipe from Rosanna Pansinos Nerdy Nummies cook book. Shes super awesome and I totally recommend getting her book but any sugar cookie recipe will work.  


Add the royal icing to a bowl and thin with some lemon juice. The thinner royal icing makes the colors look more like water color. You could also use gel food coloring for a more vibrant color result. If you don't want a lemon flavor to the icing then just use milk or water.

Add drops of food color to the icing and swirl around with a tooth pick.

 Once you have a good looking color swirl just dip the cookies, straight down and up. As you use up the colors just keep swirling the colors and add more drops as needed.

That's it! Dipping 2 dozen cookies took me less than 10 minutes. This was the fastest I have ever decorated cookies and they still turned out cool looking and colorful. This would make a fun craft for kids to do, as long as you're ok with toddler fingers in your icing. I loved how all the cookies came out different looking and unique. Give these a try for your next batch of sugar cookies for a quick decoration option. See ya soon.