Spanish Omelet

Hey people,
  I'm not gonna lie, I was browsing around on the internet and I kept seeing recipes for a tortilla de patatas or Spanish/Potato Omelet. It was like the internet know I was hungry and was giving me the subliminal messages to make this. There's not much to a Spanish Omelet, its 4 ingredients and I can almost guarantee that you already have them in your pantry. This is so worth giving a try.


2 Potatoes (sliced)
1 Small Onion (sliced)
3 Eggs
Olive Oil


Slice the potatoes and onions and put them in a medium nonstick pan. Add a generous helping of olive oil and fry until potatoes are soft. How much oil you use is up to you. Ive seen some recipes that use a lot of oil and you boil the potatoes in it. For me I just used enough to give them a good fry and you can always save and reuse the leftover oil. 

 Drain the potatoes and onions and set aside. 

 Beat 3 eggs and add in your potatoes and onions. Now is the time to salt and pepper the mixture to your taste. Some recipes said to cover and let this egg mixture sit for 10-20 minutes. IDK. Not sure the reason but I did it anyways and let it sit for 10 minutes. 

 Add the mixture into your nonstick pan and cook about 2 minutes per side on medium heat. I used a rubber spatula to run along the sides to make sure it wasn't sticking.

 Time to flip! Cover the pan with a plate and flip the whole thing over so the crispy bottom is now on top. Then slide it back into the pan to continue cooking.

 That's it! Flip it out of the pan one more time on to your serving plate and slice it up.

 You can eat it plain or top it with your favorite condiment. I think I'd like some cheese on this 👍🧀. The cook time is roughly 20-30 minutes to make this but its worth it. I'd say this serves 2-3 people but the recipe can easily be doubled to make more. Make sure you see my YouTube Video for a more visual explanation and some awesome omelet flip action! Hope you try this and I'll see ya soon. 💛