Rainbow Grilled Cheese & Pancake Pops!

Hello again!

 Today I have two fun and awesome snacks for you. How does a Rainbow Grilled cheese and Pancake Pops sound! I KNOW, AWESOME! 

 These are also fun snacks to try making with your kids. I know my little chef loves to help me in the kitchen and this is perfect for him.

To make a rainbow grilled cheese isn't much different than a regular grilled cheese. All you need is any white shredded cheese, mozzarella or white cheddar works great.
Just add some cheese to 4 bowls (I prefer disposable lol) and add a few drops of regular old food coloring. Then mix till cheese is coated. I used about 6 drops per color.
Next arrange cheese on buttered bread and gill like a normal sandwich (but its not normal because this is way more awesome). Make sure you cut across the sandwich so you get all the glorious colors. 🌈

 Pancake pops are another easy and fun treat plus added bonus is they are mess free. If you have younger kids that love finger foods, (like my son) they are great to keep sticky fingers at bay.

Make whatever pancake mix you prefer, I use the easy instant kind from a box (no judgement). Add a teaspoon of batter to your pan and lay a popsicle stick on top. Make sure the stick is covered with a little more batter and cook like normal. Super easy and kids love the little dippable pancakes. These popsicle sticks I got from Michaels but I'm sure you could get them from just about anywhere.

I hope you try these fun snacks and I'll see ya later.