Food Haul at L&M Meats And Head Cheese!

 Welcome to 2017! WOOOO! I hope this will be an awesome year for everyone and filled with lots of good food to eat. Speaking of food, ( duh Megan, this is a food blog after all) today I have a food haul for you guys. Thanks to my awesome in-laws (no, they didn't threaten me to say that) who gave us a gift certificate to L&M Meats.
This is a awesome store in Grand Forks, ND that has a variety of fresh and frozen meats and cheese.

 So with our gift certificate in hand we headed to the store to load up. We wanted a good variety of things to try. They had everything from the usual beef and pork to the more uncommon head cheese and buffalo burgers. So we got a little of everything. The staff was very nice, helpful and very patient with us dragging a 4 year old along. The toddler was not very helpful, I'm pretty sure there was some planking on their floor at one point. However, we did get a good haul! Here's the list.↓

Chicken Cordon Blue
Sea scallops
Jerk Chicken
Pork Sausage
Sharp Cheddar
Salmon Fillet
Cornish Game Hen
Ground Buffalo Patty
Blood Sausage
Smoked Ham
Provolone Cheese
Head Cheese
Beef Bacon
Seasoned Beef Roast
Pepperoni Log
Smoked Bacon
Spice Rub

 Yes that is my kitchen floor because I didn't have enough table or counter space to put it all. The pains of apartment living ๐Ÿ˜ข. So far we have only tried a few items because it will definitely take us awhile to try it all. The head cheese is what I was most excited about because I've never had it and always wanted to try, plus I knew it might freak out the hubby ๐Ÿ˜ˆ. If you don't know what head cheese is its a meat jelly made with meat from the head of a pig (or other animal) with gelatin in the stock to act as a binder. was good! Surprisingly it taste a lot like baloney (or is it bologna?). It was very peppery and parts had a chew to it. But overall its a solid 7/10 (or maybe 2/10 from the hubby). As long as you don't have food texture issues because the "jelly" part might gross you out like it did my hubby. I think it will be great on a sandwich. As for the other foods time will tell as we test it but one things for sure, I can't wait to try all this awesomeness! See ya!

P.S. this blog was in no way sponsored by L&M Meats.